Who Else Wants To Catch More Stripers on the Fly?

Housatonic Striped bass

Fellow Fisherman, I'm Ted Demopoulos and I'm a fanatical striped bass fly fisherman.

I've been chasing stripers with my flyrod since 1987, since before it was popular, and should its popularity ever wane, my enthusiasm will not!

20% of the fisherman catch 80% of the fish. I want YOU to be part of that 20%!

"Hey Ted, I’ve been listening to "Double Your Catch!" while driving to go fish, and although I’ve only listened to about ½ of it so far, it’s gotten me out of a slump. I took your advice on flylines, and immediately started banging stripers.

This tip alone was just what I needed revive me from my long slump.

"Double Your Catch!" is very informative and comprehensive. It’s reminded as well as reconfirmed many important elements to catching more fish. I just wanted to say that I'm very impressed.

Thanks again and let me know when you're coming down to the Cape"
    -Chris Taloumis, Cape Cod

Do you want to know:

"Straight forward, right to the point.  I wish something like this was available when I first started salt water fly rodding.
There were useful books out there.  . . .  But they were almost too comprehensive, too full of information. I spent more time reading than fishing.  I was itching to fish -- give me something to work on, let me get out there!"

That's what I like about this piece and your site.  Bam!  Bam!  Now, go out and fish!
    -Will Morris, Long Island (check out the picture of Will and his nice fish caught on a trip to the Vineyard above!)

The answers to these questions and much more that will help you catch more striped bass flyfishing is in:

Double Your Catch, How to catch twice as many Striped Bass on the Fly

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I know you don't have lots of time. This isn't an encyclopedia that will takes hours to dig through!

"Just one tip prevented me from getting skunked last weekend."
    -Chris "Big Daddy" Hull, Virginia

This is easy to digest condensed information that WILL help you catch more fish, in two different formats

You don't need to be a great caster, have a mind blowing "fish sense," or be a great fisherman in order for Double Your Catch to help you!

I don't claim to be any of those, I'm just an average guy who loves to fish and these tips help me catch far more stripers!

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60 day money back guarantee no questions asked. If Double Your Catch, How to catch twice as many Striped Bass on the Fly doesn't help you catch many more stripers, just send it back and get your money back. You can even burn the CD and return the ashes for a full no questions asked refund!