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Striped Bass Flies - My Three Essential
All Striper fishermen have their workhorse flies, the flies that account for most of their fish. I've learned from experience over the past 2+ decades that the follow three flies cover most striped bass situations, and these three account for probably over 90% of my bass.

If you don't tie or are too busy, the Umpqua: Striped Bass Guide Selection, 20 Flies contains a great selection, including Clousers, deceivers, as some bulkier flies too.

Clouser Minnow

Tying The Clouser Minnow
The Clouser if one of my workhorse flies. Stripers love them and I've also caught dozens of other species with them, ranging from trout to bonefish to offshore species.
It's a simple fly to tie, and although we assume you know how to tie flies (at least a little), there's lots of pictures and advice here.

More Tying Directions and Pictures to come! Promise!

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