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Striper, Housatonic River The fishing terrain in Connecticut is impressive, and includes just about everything possible for stripers: flats, beaches, rivers of all sizes, and rocky shoreline. But Connecticut has a major problem with striper fishing - access. Seems like most of the shoreline is private and access is severely restricted. The few times I've been in Connecticut and tried to fish, usually when working there during the season, and trying to sneak off for a few hours of striper fishing at night, it's been near impossible to find anywhere to park and access the shore. There are numerous "sneaky" locations the locals tell me, but finding them takes some time and work.

I did see some awesome looking rocky shores I could park and access the last time I was there, and they looked like great striper water! Maybe on my next trip I'll have time.

Stripers show up in early April, June is big fish time although a few cows certainly show up in May. Most fisherman have given up by Thanksgiving, although stripers, including big stripers, can be around well into December. The warmer waters surrounding the power plants hold fish all winter, making CT a 12 month striper state!

Since access is so, well, "screwed up" in Connecticut, and we could use stronger words, we'll concentrate more in this section on specific locations you can go fish for striped bass. Thanks to our subscribers and readers for this info, and please feel free to send us any feedback!

Below are some popular access spots  -- we are NOT giving away your secret striper fishing hole,

Hammonasset State Park in Madison is a beautiful spot to fish or just hang out, and you can even camp there. It's just a bit of I-95.

The Meigs Point Jetty, not far from the Meigs Point parking lot is very popular, as is Hammonasset Point just a brief jaunt away, and the Hammonasset River mouth gives up a lot of striped bass too.

Other worthwhile State Parks, and "State Park" means shore access in Connecticut, include Silver Sands State Park, Sherwood Island State Park, and others. Any shore access is worth exploring!

The Jordon Cove launch area in Waterford offers both shore fishing, and access to Bartlett Reef for the boating angler. "The Race" can also be accessed by boat from here, although it's a potentially dangerous spot - no weekend warriors in small boats please. Many locals claim The Race is among the best striper water on the planet.

The Housatonic River in Strafford, a big and fast river, is very popular with fly fisherman and others as well. Short Beach, on the Stratford side, has good access.

The mouth of the Niantic River between Niantic and Waterford has access and is very popular although the boat traffic can be heavy.

New Haven Harbor is a big bay visible from I-95 and I've seen blitzes while stuck in rush hour traffic! Readers suggest Sandy Point at West Haven beach as a good shore spot, and parking is (hopefully still) available at Beach Street and well marked. Around the top of the tide is best, locals say.

The next time I get a chance to fish Connecticut, at least I have a few places with access to explore now!

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