Striper Fishing - State by State

Maine Striper Fishing 
My home waters, more striped bass water than you can fish in a lifetime, and lots of variety
Fish show up early May and leave in October. Daytime fishing rocks early and late in the season, especially around dawn and dusk but even mid day.
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New Hampshire Striper Fishing
Just a few miles of very good coast, with a couple of notable estuary systems, and fishing is similar to Maine. If you're driving through pull off the highway and take a look. Route 1A runs right along the coast.

Massachusetts Striped Bass Fishing
Massachusetts may be the most famous of all striper fishing areas. With Cape Cod, including Race Point, Nauset Beach, and the Cape Cod Canal, as well as the Elizabeth Island chain, including Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, and Cuttyhunk, and some nearby offshore rips, that fame is well deserved. Stripers show up in the south and Islands around mid-April, hitting Plum Island in the north in very early May, and stripers, including cows, are around until December in the south.

Rhode Island Striper Fishing
Rhode Island may be a small state, but it's over 300 miles of coast are striped bass heaven and the diversity of fishing terrain is amazing. You can also fish for striped bass most months of the year!

Block Island Striper Fishing
Block Island, accessible by ferry from the Rhode Island mainland, is a great place to chase big stripers, including with a flyrod from shore. Here also we have:
Block Island Fishing Spots - 10 favorites

Connecticut Striper Fishing 
Awesome potential but difficult shore access. Don't worry, we list some popular shore access areas for stripers and mention some top boating spots. So someone want to spill the beans on "The Race" and I'll write it up? "The Race" is allegedly one of the top (boating) striper spots on the planet.

New York: Long Island and Hudson River Striper Fishing 
Long Island has a large range of striper fishing possibilities, ranging from the tip and self proclaimed "Surfcasting Capitol of The World," Montauk, to the ocean facing South Shore and Long Island Sound side North Shore. The nearby Hudson River, a major spawning ground for striped bass, pretty much ensures a lot of fish and offers fishing opportunities itself.

New Jersey Striper Fishing
130 mile long sandy beach with a couple of hundred jetties, eleven inlets and some major estuary systems. And forget any stereotypes you may have, parts of the Jersey Coast are as beautiful as  any waters anywhere! Downsides? It can get very crowded and fishing is slow in the dead of summer. 

Delaware Striper Fishing
The Delaware River, a significant striper spawning river, open beaches, and Indian Inlet, a well known hotspot.

Maryland Striper Fishing
Fishing for stripers in Maryland, or rockfish as they are more commonly known, includes Chesapeake Bay, a major spawning ground, and the coastal section including beaches around Ocean City and especially the Assateague Island National Seashore Fishing.

Washington DC Striper Fishing
Although the nation's capital is not known primarily for striper fishing, it's on the Potomac and some big fish are taken. We have a couple of beautiful pictures too.

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