Seven Tips To take Better Photos Of Your Fishing Adventures

1. Either Fish or Photograph, Don’t Try To Do Both at the Same Time.

If there is an opportunity for a good photo, i.e. great sunset, big fish, etc. put the rod away and pick up the camera. If you are fishing with a partner put your rod down when he is hooked up and get some nice photos of him fighting and landing the fish.

2. Be Ready For The Hero Shot.

Have your camera ready for the hero shot. You should not be looking for the camera as your buddy is holding the fish, especially if you plan to release the fish. Make sure all your settings are right, lens cap off. When ready, angler lifts fish from water, a few shots taken, fish goes back to water to rest. This way you keep stress on fish to a minimum.

3. Practice Your Hero Shots Beforehand.

Many times the difference between a average photo and a great one is the way you hold the fish for the hero shot. Practice at home on a model. Pay close attention to the position of your hands, no fingers over the fishes face, support the stomach, try to show the tail, etc. Take some photos. Keep repositioning your hands until the photo looks good. This way when you are fishing you should be ready to take a decent hero shot.

4. If You Think You Are Close Enough Move Closer.

Most people do not get close enough when they shoot. Try moving closer and see if you like the results. This is a good way to get rid of all the clutter around the angler and the fish.

5. Put Some Color In The Picture.

Wear a bright colored cap or shirt. This can make a dull photo really pop, especially when the weather is gray. And remember to take your sunglasses off for the photo.

6. Get A Small Hard Waterproof Case For Your Camera. Purchase a small waterproof case for your equipment. This way it is protected from the elements and makes it easy to access your equipment for quick shooting.

7. Remember The Camera Works In The Vertical Position.

Too many people forget to turn the camera to the vertical position to take a photo. If you look at any of the fishing magazines almost all of the cover shots are in a vertical position

Jim Levison is a professional photographer who specializes in Sportsfishing pictures and Outdoor photoraphy.

Take a look at his amazing Montauk Blitz photos and more on his Web site, Jim Levison Photo. His amazing photos are available for purchase.

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