Striped Bass Articles

Seven Tips To take Better Photos Of Your Fishing Adventures
Professional photographer and fisherman Jim Levison gives us some simple tips to make our pictures much better.

Three Lessons From A Great Fisherman
I've learned as much from Louie Z as anyone, and hopefully you get a takeaway or two to help you catch more fish.

Learn to Night Fly Fish - 7 Tips
It's not hard to ease into, and you'll catch more stripers too

The Best Time to Fish, Striped Bass Habits, Part I
What times of day/night are best? Does daylight fishing work? And more . . .

Where Do Stripers Feed? Striped Bass Habits, Part II
You'd better know where they like to eat if you're going to catch them consistently.

Striped Bass Geography
Yes, Northeast USA and much more. Would you believe stripers in Iran and Nevada?

The Logbook: Essential to Catch More Stripers
Capturing essential information about fishing success leads to more success and fish-- and it just takes a couple minutes to jot down notes!

Kayak Flyfishing for Striped Bass
Kayaking fly fishing for stripers is becoming more and more common -- because it's effective!
Dave Beasley shares his years of experience in this article.

Spring Striped Bass Fishing
I love fly fishing for stripers in the spring! I can usually hardly wait for the bass to show up.

Summer Striped Bass Fishing
Fly fishing for stripers in the summer can have some slow periods, sometimes called the summer doldrums, but can be very productive as well.

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