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Night fly fishing is an essential skill for the successful and flexible striped bass fly fisherman, but many of us have a hard enough time fly fishing in the daytime especially with the wind, waves, seaweed, etc. Although I know some flats and offshore rip specialists who rarely night fly fish, it's essential for most regularly successful striped bass fly fishermen.

Striped bass are nocturnal after all!

Here are 7 tips to learn to night fly fish easily.

1) Use a relatively lightweight rod, perhaps an 8 or 9 weight or even lighter. Lighter weight rods bend more giving them more "feel." You ARE going to be fly fishing primarily by feel.

2) Practice not watching your line while casting during your daylight fishing, especially your backcast. You're not going to be able to see your line much at night.

3) If you don't feel quite ready - hey, the thought of night fly fishing scares many folks, it used to scare me, start with low light conditions. Dusk and dawn, the primary low light conditions, are also excellent times to catch striped bass.

4) Start night fishing with the full moon on clear nights. It's almost daylight some nights, and a great introduction.

5) Pick your nights at first! A windless night when the water is calm is much easier than trying to learn to night fly fish during a gale, or even a moderate breeze.

6) Pick your spots carefully at first. The surf on an outer beach is not a good choice for your first few night fly fishing outings, but a harbor or salt marsh can be ideal and productive.

7) Fly fish spots you know well when you first start. You'll have enough going on without needing to concentrate on getting around and learning an area.

Ohhh, yeah, and don't forget a flashlight!

I'm comfortable night fly fishing now, and I catch far more stripers because I can night fly fish. Of course some nights everything falls apart, I can't cast worth beans, and I'm tangled half the time - just like some days.

Try easing into night fly fishing if you haven't before. It's easier than you think, extremely productive, and it's simply beautiful on the water at night!

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